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REVISED.  Now with more than one picture!   I now have 10GB of space, PLUS I have photoshop on my laptop, so I will resize photos to take up less room. 

We call this Dan's Camp Trip because there happens to be a weekend in August in which there is no Nascar race, and that is the weekend that Dan is available to camp.  Doesn't matter what the weather is predicted to be - that is the weekend Dan is available.   Because Andy had to work the whole weekend (he tried hard to switch with someone, but it just didn't work out) and because of our lack of money for gasoline, we chose Sleepy Hollow State Recreation Area in Ovid, Michigan.  Where is Ovid?  Uh, near Laingsburg.  Ha, ha.  It is somewhere just west of Owosso on M-21, actually a very great location because it is a mere 1 hour, 6 minutes from Shields, and just 45 minutes from Ionia, so we can usually count on special guests!  It also has a gorgeous lake to kayak, at least 15 hiking miles, and a nice day use area to picnic in.

Andy, Gypsy and I took the camper up when he got out of work at 4 p.m., and Dan, Joe and Jen followed when Jen got out of work at 6.  Dan had some awesome Hungry Howie pizza coupons by email so they picked up dinner in Owosso on the way there.  Friday evening, Missy, Bob and Spam came for a visit, and we had a good time by the fire.

Bob and Andy by the fire.

The next morning, on our walk to the beach.  A little cool and cloudy that day.

 A few of the state parks have begun putting in disc golf courses, with a tournament being held at various parks until October.  To Dan's thrill, Sleepy Hollow was one of them.  Now although they just began construction, the path was already laid out even though the baskets and tees were not yet up.  On Saturday, we walked through the course just to see what it would be like.  It is an 18-hole in a beautiful area of the park.

There were some wide open spaces as you see here, but also some tricky tees with water on both sides of the shoot, and others with trees and brush in the way.

They have these hilarious signs posted from time to time:

Back at camp it was Scrabble Time!

About 7 p.m. or so, Andy arrived from work.  For supper we had grilled steaks and potato packets with bacon and cheese.  We had a fire going in the evening but finally the rain took the fun away.

The next morning things were pretty wet due to the rain overnight, but wow, the sky was a beautiful blue, and we were ready for that!  Here the boys are getting ready to go disc golfing while Jen, Missy and I planned to hang by the beach with the dogs . 

The boys got through about 10 tees, and spent so much time looking for their discs that they gave it up and came back to the beach for lunch:

Dan and Gypsy

Got a little Skip Bo in while waiting for Andy to get out of work and pick us up.

Maybe not the best weather, but I think we all had fun anyway.  Now it's time to pack it up.

Bye Spammy!



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