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Finally, here are some photos of our annual mid-October Sleepy Hollow State Park camp trip with Missy, Bob and Spam.  We love this camp in the fall because the colors are so beautiful and because there are so many miles of hiking trails, a beautiful Lake Ovid, and even a bridge to a little island.  For a state park, the campsites are fairly private, more so than most, and best of all, it is located halfway between Missy's place and ours making it a perfect fall get-together.

We left on Friday, just before noon, and met Missy in Owosso for lunch at the Taco House, an amazing establishment.  The proprietor has owned the Taco House for over 30 years, and sells the most delictable authentic Mexican food that we stop by as often as we can.  Missy was duly impressed as well. 

After we set up camp, Andy, still feeling a little poorly after his cold, took a little nap, while we hiked with the dogs for a short 3 mile loop.


To Dan's delight, there is now even a disc golf course at this park:

Relaxing with a game of Skip Bo after our hike.  Bob was not scheduled to arrive until the next day at some point.

As you can see, it was a little on the chilly side, but pleasant with no rain! 

The next morning, after a small breakfast, we left on our hike, as Bob was not yet ready to catch up with us.
Here is a pretty trail.

Once Bob arrived, we had a terrific steak dinner, then Missy and Bob left to join friends in Lansing to take in a play.  I believe it was Fahrenheit 911, which they very much enjoyed.  Andy and I chilled by the firepit, and played a couple games until they got back.

The next day, a new hike.  Checking the GPS or camera I believe:

 Bright fall colors!

Taking a little rest break:

The Bridge to the island:

Pretty colors here in the Fall:

After our hike we had a great hamburger meal before a game of Euchre and packing it up!

And the dogs played.....What a nice weekend it was!



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