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One of the weekends we plan all year to attend. Amazingly enough, Andy ended up getting a couple people to work his weekend, so we were free, Friday through Sunday night, so that was good. We signed up and were ready to go. At the last minute, we almost backed out, because we didn't even think we had enough gas money to get back and forth! But, because the weather was predicted to be great and because we both had the weekend free, we decided to worry about it later....just go!

Man, we were so happy we did that!! It was awesome. I would have hated to miss that special weekend of the year, especially with the nice weather we had. Friday morning, we put together some Enchillada Casserole to take for that night's dinner and to share, and packed everything up including our pre-cooked and frozen Jack's Polish sausage. We were one of the first ones at the Schoolhouse (Steeve had beaten us there), and put up our tent.

Friday night was great. After everyone arrived and set up their tents and had dinner, we pretty much hung out by the campfire the rest of the night. This year, we had music!! Rob on banjo and Chuck on guitar. Chuck's family was an additional delight. I especially enjoyed his daughter, who really enjoyed being with fellow outdoorspeople.

Saturday morning, we are getting ready for our hike. We are spotting cars, and dividing up into two groups: The short hike of 7.5 miles, and the longer hike of 12 miles.

We short hikers pose

Here we have Dave and his expressed hate for mountain bikers:

Lunch time.

NCT trail improvements!

Lookin' tired....

Ahhh, getting ready for potluck Saturday night!

The rescue team and all of us shows tribute to Ken Knight, for finding himself~

Nice bright orange!

Sunday morning hike! Gorgeous day.

Regroup time:

And back on the trail....

Group lunch on Sunday...

Sign in, guys!

And, finally, the last of us to go home...

I will never miss one of these Gatherings. This is just great! :)

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