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I have been wanting to post, but it seems like by the time I'm done with everything I have to do, and catch up on FB and LJ, I'm too tired.  Now I know how school keeps your brain hostage! 

I'm into the second phase of my training now, which is two weeks (well, a total of 5 sessions) of computer training.  I'm finding it really taxing.  It's not that I don't know the computer system, it just that the training is really fast paced, and if I don't get there really early I'm sitting in back feeling like I can't see what's going on.  I feel a little slow compared to how well I did in the classroom, and this surprises me because I thought I would rock in this section.  I did get 100% on my surprise (more like "shock") test on the first day.  They threw a bunch of stuff at us, went over it a little, and then told us we were getting a test that we had to pass with 85% or we couldn't work the floor.  Or else we had to retake the test.  I kind of freaked a little, but I aced it. 

Now the other thing that is goofy is that they keep changing the times/places where we are to meet for this training.  One day it is at the old Osteopathic hospital, the next day it is at the Anderson Center behind Harrison.  They also are very ambiguous about what time we are supposed to end the class.  For someone like me that is getting dropped off and picked up by Dan, this is very nerve-wracking for both of us.  I call Dan and tell him I'm supposed to get out at 9, then I end up getting out at 8:30, and call him to rush and pick me up.  Sometimes when I leave the facility, the doors lock and I can't get back in and I'm stuck alone in the dark!  I would appreciate a little more organization to this. 

So though, all I have left for computer training is tomorrow at Anderson Center, and then next Tues and Wed at Osteopath.  Friday is my morning tour of the hospitals.  After that I have 5 weeks of Tues/Wed/Thurs 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on the floor clinicals.  I'm actually really looking forward to that part.  Right now there are 5 jobs posted for HUCS who pass.  One is a doctor office and 4 are Covenant.  But there are 9 of us in the Covenant clinicals.  So I need to be as good as I can.   I compete against very young, sharp brains for these jobs. 
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Well, it sure has been a week.  My first week at Delta earning my HUC (Health Unit Coordinator) certificate.  The whole process of getting ready for this was really kind of scary for me, but being there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was very exciting and made me feel like new doors were opening everywhere for me.  I loved it, honestly. 

We decided that Dan would take me to school each day, getting me there well before 8 a.m., so I could get an up front seat, and picking me up at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, and 2 p.m., the other two days.  He needs the car to take Jen to work at her new job as a Kitchen Supervisor at an elderly home.  I kind of like being dropped off and picked up; it takes one stress away for me.  Dan probably doesn't like much to get up so early, but he is good about it.  He definitely contributes - does all the dishes every day, some of the cooking, etc.  For that I am grateful. 

My instructor is an actual HUC from Bay Med.  The class was once taught by an RN.  Sharon (my instructor) complained that the HUCs being turned out at Delta were more oriented in the RN point of view and really didn't know how to do the job when they got to Bay Med.  So she was asked to teach the class, and accepted.  She has been a HUC for more than 20 years.  She is a Type A personality and a force to be reckoned with.  I liked her immediately.   Some people do not so much. 

I think the first day was overwhelming for a lot of people.  I was fascinated just listening to Sharon and taking notes, and did not let my mind wander.  I caught it trying to twice, but slapped it right away.  I liked just being on campus, having lunch outside by the courtyard - the kids don't go outside much - they stay inside with their WIFI and cafeteria.  I bring a homemade wrap and an apple and coke and go outside in the sun and walk around.  I have two friends who are sisters, Pat and Carol.  They are down to earth, about my age. 

There is this little bitch too.  Isn't that funny?  She is like early 20s, sat next to me yesterday.  I said something like "Whew, that was a lot of homework!  Took me 5 hours two days in a row to do those 5 Chapters and answer all those questions on paper!"  She was like "No, that was NOTHING.  I spent only 3 hours total on it.  Yeah, really?  She then said, "Well, I read really fast and comprehend everything I read".    Oooooh, aren't YOU special?  Later, she actually snickered at a question I asked of the instructor.   Her self-esteem is just running amok.   I hope she forgets to study for the next test. 

Anyway, I'm now getting into the swing of things.  Doing 5 chapters a week is not so bad when you know about it the Thursday before it is due, as opposed to knowing about it the Tuesday before that Thursday!  I can pace myself.  I'm doing okay on the med. terminology, just the As and Bs so far, but crap, there are a couple that are driving me nuts. 

Went to the eye doctor today and he says my eye is completely healed.  YAY!  Ordered new contacts since the only insurance I have is vision insurance.  Hey, it's always nice to see.   Just as I was getting ready to leave for Great Lakes Eye, I did what I usually do upon leaving the house, I reached for my book (which, btw, is Landscape with Fragmented Figures by Jeff Vande Zande) then I set it back down on the table, and reached instead for my flashcards.   This was difficult for me.  I think I have read about two paragraphs since I started Delta.  Sigh.  Crazy that the book I was reading as I started my class is written by a Delta instructor.  I guess fun reading is taking a back seat right now. 

I'm proud of my family.  Dan has been doing some cooking.  Andy had the day off from work AND school today, and took me to the eye doctor, vacuumed the whole house, vacuumed the pool, cooked dinner and helped me fold clothes, while I worked with Mark all day.  Things are okay; things are good.  I may not be backpacking next weekend - too much schoolwork, but I'm prepared for the next steps in my life. 

Oh, AND Andy and I watched the Glee episode on tonight!  Treat time!  Okay, back to the flash cards. 


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